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Corsham in Focus  Answers

1. Almshouses porch, Pound Pill: window on right/south side

2. Methuen Arms: left side of door in South Place/Lacock Road

3. 110 High Street (last door before Court wall)

4. St Bart’s: above door facing folly, north transept (Methuen Chapel)

5. 44 South Street (ex Richmond Tools)

6. Baptist Church, Priory Street: grave of John Thomas Dunsdon, by body’s right foot

7. Iron squeeze stile, the Drung or Lovers’ Walk (path from South Avenue to the High Street/Post Office Lane)

8. Corner of High Street and Martingate, above Parker’s Gallery

9. Mayo Memorial, High Street: over water trough at back

10. Between almshouses 3 and 4, Lacock Road (over door of number 3)

11. 9 Church Street, second floor, right window

12. The Pound: left side of gate at side (boys’) entrance from footpath beside cricket ground/bowling green

13. Corner of 30 Pickwick Road, top of Providence Lane

14. 45 Pickwick Road: left gate post

15. 43 Priory Street, over front door

16. St Bart’s churchyard (front): chest tomb of William Hulbert and family, to left of footpath leading to stile into park, inscription facing church

17. 71 High Street: front door

18. Wellerslea, 124 Priory Street, from gate

19. 77 High Street (Caxton House): left side of canopy over front door

20. 62 Pickwick Road: porch, old County Police Station (Dorkings Lodge)

21. Southleigh, 22 South Street: porch

22. The Rise, 31 South Street, date stone and finial

23. Hare & Hounds roof finial with sundial, seen from wall of Pickwick Manor

24. Ivy House, 2 Priory Street

25. 18 Pickwick Road (Pond Close)

26. 6 Bences Lane

27. 41a Pickwick/Bath Road

28. St Bart’s: handle of vestry door to right of main porch

29. Right side of gateway arch to Corsham Court, Church Square

30. Window in side of 18 Pickwick, seen from number 20 (Bramble Cottage)

31. Parkside, 36 High Street, front wall

32. Town Hall, over front entrance

33. Side of Previous, 54 High Street

34. Corner of Pickwick Road and Alexander Terrace, by S&K Autos

35. St Bart’s: figure to left above WWI memorial tablet

36. 62 Pickwick Road: right front wall

37. The Grove Coach House, Pickwick Road (Estate Office)

38. St Bart’s: on left above window in south wall, right of tower

39. Porch of 64 Pickwick Road (Selborne House)

40. Hungerford almshouses bell tower

41. 4 Bath Road/Pickwick (Old Parsonage), chimney to right when facing front door

42. Turret on the Pound, nearest Pound Pill end/auditorium

43. Old fire station, Spring Gardens/Priory Street (Heywood nursery)

44. Paul Street, side of 12 Pickwick Road (The White Lion)

45. Over front door of Ivy House, 2 Priory Street

46. Springfield Campus: opposite gate to swings/end of tennis court, above café, lower right of large blind window

47. Fencing on railway footbridge

48. Front wall of 55 High Street (over Garden Veterinary Group)

49. 42 Pickwick (Ostler’s House)

50. 4 Church Street: inner right side of hood over door

51. Shed to right of 17 Pickwick/Bath Road (Pickwick Cottage)

52. Alexander Terrace, first-floor window in brick building set back between number 23 and old laundrette

53. Right of Corsham Court green gates, High Street/Cross Keys Road

54. 12/14 Pickwick, between front doors

55. Gatepost, 1 South Street (Home Lea)

56. The Grove, Pickwick Road: above front door

57. Masonic Hall, Pickwick (‘This is not no 45’ on door)

58. Top right corner of window, the Old Shop, 20 Station Road

59. Grave of Lucy and William Ball, old Congregational Church graveyard between Grounded and Coop: last stone against wall backing on to car park

60. 12 Hastings Road

61. Rear of Gospel Hall, Hastings Road

62. Side wall of 3 South Place, overlooking garden of 4 South Place

63. Cheviot House, 76 High Street

64. 58 Pickwick Road

65. Memorial to Clara Jones, old Congregational Church graveyard between Coop and Grounded, middle of wall backing on to car park

66. St Bart’s: north wall, above door into nave

67. War memorial, east side, Lacock Road

68. Porch window, 29 Paul Street

69. Mansion House coach house, Pickwick Road

70. Top right of folly, from Church Street

71. Rear roof of Cheviot House, 76 High Street

72. 25 High Street: canopy over Post Office Lane entrance

73. Garden fence of Ash Villa, 5 Pound Pill

74. Left gate of Grove House, Pickwick Road

75. Gazebo in garden of Parkside, 36 High Street, from High Street car park

76. Old Tan Yard, view from Pound Pill

77. Side wall of 28 Station Road

78. Back of war memorial, Lacock Road

79. 16 Paul Street

80. Tablet on School Room, South Place

81. Scout hut, the Laggar

82. 90 High Street

83. Above Automattic, 17 Pickwick Road

84. Gable of 4 South Place, from South Avenue

85. Bellwood, 45 Pickwick (wall of Masonic Lodge)

86. St Bart’s: north wall, left of rose window

87. On door in wall between St Bart’s and Corsham Court

88. 9b and 9c Red Forge, Station Road

89. Fire station doors, Beechfield Road

90. Springfield Campus: wall overlooking swings, sixth light from right/fifth from left when facing building (to right of number 46)

91. High Street/Cross Keys Road, on wall near Corsham Court green gates

92. 79 High Street

93. 7/9 Alexander Terrace

94. Old Dairy, corner of Priory Street and Bath Road (Batley’s/Webb’s)

95. 8/10 Bath Road, Pickwick, under eaves

96. Mansion House, Pickwick Road, under number 69

97. Station Road Garage, 49 Station Road

98. The Pound: above main entrance

99. Methuen Arms barn, South Place

100. Ivy House, Priory Street, to right of front door


Congratulations to the following who recorded 'perfect' answers and whose names were entered into the draw for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes:

Hilary Austin

Jackie Ball and Emma Langdale

Humphry Barnikel (1st prize)

Anne Chapman

Matthew Chapman

Eileen Cook

Gordon & Christine Coutts

Susan Curtis

Michael Derham (3rd prize)

Mike and Karen Hayter

Ruth Ross (2nd prize)

Isla Russell

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